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18th Edition Wiring Regulations

18th Edition Wiring Regulations

A lot of people are now asking about the 18th Edition Wiring Regulations & even asking for available training dates; what’s happening?

Update on timescales
The new 18th Edition Wiring Regulations is not due to be published until July next year. Examining bodies like EAL & C&G then have to develop their revised courses & materials to support the new exam but this is not expected to be available until into 2019.

INTACS Special Offer
For the last 6 months INTACS have had a Special Offer running. For companies who need to provide Wiring Regulations training, book onto to the 17th Edition Wiring Regulations course during this year & benefit from a discount if you need your people to do the 18th Edition Wiring Regulations course & exam when it becomes available. When booking the 17th Edition Wiring Regs course this year, you need to ask to be included within the special offer. We cannot state the discount available for the new course until the new course duration & fees have been published by the examining bodies.

However, we only have two 17th Edition Wiring Regulations courses left to run this year (we have 3 remaining places on 20 - 22 Sept & 5 remaining places on 6 - 8 Dec). We have been asked to include one more course date into Jan which will also benefit from the offer & this course date has been announced as 6 - 8 Jan 2018.

A couple of interesting thoughts

Question: I have the 17th Edition Wiring Regulations qualification C&G 2382-15. I work in industry. I understand that the Wiring Regulations qualification covers electrical installation work in a range of locations of which Industrial is only a small part; do I really need to know about all of the other areas?

Answer: If you are not working in all the different areas covered by the Wiring Regulations, in practice you will not need to be able to call to memory in an exam (with only 2 minutes per question) or indeed afterwards by referring to the Guide, this level of detail, so the information relating to the range of other areas will be of little use to you in industry. If you work for an Electrical Contracting company & you may be required to work in any of these environments at any time, the Wiring Regulations apply to you in full.

Question: For someone like me working just in industry, what is the easiest way to bring my qualification up to the 18th Edition Wiring Regulations?

Answer: You probably realise that nowhere in the Regulations & Best Practices is there any statement that says you need to have attended & gained either the C&G or EAL 17th or 18th Edition Wiring Regulations qualification. However, companies are obliged to ensure that people have the appropriate training in order to perform their role competently & to be able to work safely. Knowledge of the current Wiring Regulations would be deemed important for maintenance personnel who are working on or around electrical systems & equipment.

The easiest way of upgrading your Wiring Regulations knowledge is through attending a short "update course" with an in-built assessment. The aim of the in-built assessment is to provide the evidence that a person has attended the course, that they have achieved a reasonable degree of understanding & that they can find answers to problems using the Wiring Regulation guide. There does not need to be a time penalty allowing only 2 minutes per question (on average) provided that people can identify & recognise the correct answers within a reasonable period of time. INTACS will be offering this new “short course” (probably just 1 day) soon after the 18th Edition Wiring Regulations has been published.

The proposed short "update course" also has an additional benefit. The current 17th Wiring Regulations have been around for approaching 7 years. For people who completed the 17th Edition when it was first launched, unless they have been on an “update course”, even though there have been 3 Amendments during this time where things have changed or been added, it is somehow deemed OK. We could say they are out of date or we could wonder how much they remember 5, 6 or even 7 years down the line.

The INTACS "update course" is planned to include 1 day Refreshers at around 18 month intervals to remind people about key points & to include updates on Amendments to ensure people are kept informed. Please register your interest with us so that we can make sure we notify you as soon as the new “update course” is launched.

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