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Industrial Electrical Inspect & Test

Industrial Electrical Inspect & Test

Fundamental Industrial Electrical Inspect & Test (new 1 day course)

In industry it has always been understood that where people make a modification to an installation or a circuit, it has to be properly Inspected & Tested (& documented); safety is key! But how many companies actually concern themselves with what this actually means in practice?

Of course, many companies will be thorough & make every effort to ensure their people are trained, are competent, have the right equipment & Safe Systems of Work (SSoW) to do the job properly. At the top of the list, some companies will have people trained to the C&G 2394/2395 or C&G 2391 Level 3 standard (although some would argue that this is not necessary for all site electricians). Others may have opted for the lesser C&G 2392-10 Fundamental Inspection, Testing & Initial Verification Level 2 qualification which, although primarily domestic (based on single phase only), covers the basics for Inspection & Testing & completion of the Minor Works Certificate.

However, reading between the lines & speaking to companies, far too many seem to have done very little about Inspection & Testing & seem to “leave it to the individual” who has done the work. Some even think that for colleagues who have gained the C&G 2382-15, 17th Edition Wiring Regulations qualification, it’s been covered. The 17th Edition Wiring Regulations is like the Highway Code; knowledge of it doesn’t make you a competent driver. If you are going to use & drive on the roads, taking some driving lessons & perhaps passing the driving test would provide some confidence that a driver had the basics & was able to operate reasonably safely. Taking the Advanced Driving course can be compared to gaining the full C&G 2391 qualification.

In the Training Centre we hear many stories from those in the field & about the standard of work done by work colleagues on different sites & I suspect that it is only through good fortune that there are not more reportable incidents or accidents (or fatalities) where people have taken short cuts or not completed work properly & a lack of Inspect & Test discipline has not highlighted the problems. Companies are realising that the HSE is hitting with a much bigger stick these days & the scale of fines has gone through the roof. As a consequence, companies are starting to realise more that it is probably a better option to spend some money on training & perhaps equipment, ensure people know how to complete work properly & to keep people safe than it is to ignore the dangers, simply assume people will do their best & run the risk of a six figure fine.

INTACS have a series of top rated Industrial Electrical courses covering both Electrical Safety & Electrical Skills. The 1 day “Electrical H&S, Safe Electrical Isolation, Resetting Trips & Overloads” course now has a “bolt-on” 1 day “Fundamental Industrial Electrical Inspect & Test” course which will provide the basics of routine Inspection & Testing & completion of the Minor Works Certificate following electrical repair or installation work. Please see a copy of the relevant Course Overview. For people who have already completed the 1 day Electrical H&S, Safe Electrical Isolation, Resetting Trips training (see the course overview here), we can offer the extra day as a standalone Electrical Inspect & Test course.

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