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PLC training courses
“Less Technical, More Practical” First-line Practical Skills

PLC training courses - “More practical, Less technical” First-line Practical Skills

Level 1 First-line Practical Skills (FLPS) – “even better”

The new range of Level 1 First-line Practical Skills PLC courses introduced by INTACS some 18 months ago builds on the industry standard Level 1 M&T (Maintenance & Troubleshooting) training which INTACS launched around 15 years ago. Feedback from a company who had people attend the older Level 1 M&T course & who have now had people attend the Allen Bradley ControlLogix & S7-300/400 First-line Practical Skills course already this year; “even better”!!

The Level 1 First-line Practical Skills course content covers the same ground as the Level 1 M&T but the material is delivered in a very practical way based around the use of working Training Models. Although the “machine or process” is different, it’s a bit like being in your own factory.

To start off with, the machine is running fine & there is a lot to learn about the PLC & the way it controls the machine or process. As the course progresses, “faults” are introduced onto the machine &, using their knowledge of how the PLC & the PLC program works, delegates are encouraged to develop analytical skills, to identify symptoms & then, using the PLC toolkit available, monitor & investigate possible causes in order to pin-point the actual problem.

This approach provides a more “natural” way of learning.

  • It is practical – things move!
  • It is real life – just like on a breakdown at work
  • Delegates instinctively know “what’s next” – they just need to know how to do it
  • It’s enjoyable – there’s a sense of satisfaction in solving problems on new kit

On our First-line Practical Skills courses, we focus the time on the key things people NEED TO KNOW & provide PLENTY OF PRACTICAL. It’s common knowledge, if you show or tell people too much & they don’t put it into practice very soon, it’s gone – they forget!

INTACS innovative First-line Practical Skills courses have been developed to cut out a lot of the NICE TO KNOW & concentrate on the NEED TO KNOW. This means that those attending courses will have less to store away & try to remember but they will have been given much more meaningful practical experience based around the use of realistic plant simulation Training Models – the more practice, the better the chance of remembering!

Course dates:

Siemens S7 PLCs
Title: Siemens S7-300/400 Level 1 First-line Practical Skills
Duration: 5 days
Fee: £1195+VAT
Dates: 12 – 16 Mar; 23 – 27 Apr; 11 – 15 June

Title: Siemens S7-1200/1500 Level 1 First-line Practical Skills
Duration: 5 days
Fee: £1195+VAT
Dates: 26 Feb - 2 Mar; 9 – 13 Apr; 4 – 8 June

Allen Bradley PLCs
Title: Allen Bradley ControlLogix Level 1 First-line Practical Skills
Duration: 4 days
Fee: £1095+VAT
Dates: 26 Feb – 1 Mar; 30 Apr – 3 May; 25 – 29 June

Title: Allen Bradley SLC500 Level 1 First-line Practical Skills
Duration: 4 days
Fee: £1095+VAT
Dates: 26 – 29 Mar; 21 – 24 May; 16 – 19 June

Mitsubishi PLCs
Title: Mitsubishi FX, Q & A Series Level 1 First-line Practical Skills
Duration: 5 days
Fee: £910+VAT
Dates: 19 – 23 Mar; 14 – 18 May; 9 – 13 July

FLPS courses for other manufacturer’s PLCs also available – please ask.

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